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43 viewsSummer Glau, who was River Tam from Firefly, and Cameron from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I wasn't very familiar with her or her work, but I was glad to meet her!Mar 11, 2018
37 viewsDay 2 of #eccc2018 !! Summer Glau and Sean Maher, the Firefly/Serenity brother and sister! They genuinely care about their fans and try to get to know you.Mar 10, 2018
59 viewsSummer Glau, fellow San Antonian at FACTS!Mar 10, 2018
82 viewsMar 09, 2018
52 viewsMar 09, 2018

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Screencaptures, production stills, posters and behind the scenes photos from Summer's movies.
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TV Shows & Web Series
Screencaptures, stills, promotional and behind the scenes photos from Summer's TV shows and Web series.
238 27,153
Other Projects (incl. Shorts)
Pictures from Summer's other work such as short films, voice work, or music videos.
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Public Events
Pictures of Summer taken during movie premieres, fan conventions, award ceremonies and other events.
231 16,993
Magazine outtakes, portraits and other posed photoshoots (for TV shows, movies,...) featuring Summer.
66 1,320
Candids Appearances
Photos of Summer out & about taken by fans.
45 72
Magazine Scans
Scans of Summer's appearances in magazines from all around the globe.
173 626
Interviews and TV Appearances
Stills and captures of Summer's online interviews, DVD interviews and talk show appearances.
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Misc. Pics
Other pictures not classifiable in other categories
21 406
Photos of Summer Glau from her years as a ballet dancer.
3 8
Creativity Section
Fanart, banners, calendars, etc.
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